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Based in the Highgate area of North London, All-Media Music Ltd. is an independent family-owned music publisher operating across most music genres. It also takes care of various neighbouring rights, and is heavily involved in library music (‘The Big Noize’ library) and music specially written for TV/film (see list of credits).

All-Media Music is active in all areas of dance music (representing many eminent DJs and producers in their respective genres), has a small but growing jazz catalogue – and just a little bit of classical music.
The directors are Wayne Rodriguez and Lucy Rodriguez. Michael Hatjoullis is general manager, Hazel Brown and Edward Cameron are publishing executives.

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Atmosphere Publishing, Blind Basement Music, Bullseye, Contaminated Recordings, Essential Media Group LLC, Gallowgate, Henstone Music Inc, Musicworks, Shindi Music, Sudden Def Publishing, The Siger Publishing House, Trilogy Publishing, The Big Noize Library, Trisha TV, Vision Control Publishing
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Our CreditsWe have achieved considerable success with a number of our artists appearing in the Top 60 of the UK charts.
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We also look after neighbouring rights for a number of independent labels